BJU Press Phonics and English

This program has been changed quite significantly with the new 3rd edition. There is no longer a kit containing phonics, handwriting, reading, and English in one box - instead, reading and handwriting can now be found in their own subject areas in our catalog. Phonics and English are the two subjects left in this first grade kit. It is a serious phonics-based program where a solid foundation is laid to help budding readers progress to the next level. Phonetic skills are reviewed frequently throughout the program, so advancement will happen at the right pace. The phonics practice book is easy to follow and a very colorful book to go through. The English visuals flip chart (containing story characters, teaching charts, name word cards, color word cards, days of the week word cards, and month word cards) is now in full color with many more illustrations, as is the phonics visuals packet (which includes phonics characters, word family cards, and phonics song cards).

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