Grammar Ace

Comprehensive, concise, conceptual and captivating (the DVD adds this element). What more can you ask of a middle school grammar course? Covering all the basics - parts of speech, types of sentences, types of paragraphs, clauses, and phrases, as well as related topics such as person, verb tense, appositives, and voice this course is user-friendly, providing just the right amount of teacher support, an effective use of student worksheets, and a DVD that delivers engaging audio-visual reinforcement. The Instructor's Manual is the coordinating heart of the program with each of the 36 lessons following the same pattern. Starting with a grammatical fact definition (what is a pronoun?), there are usually several paragraphs of teaching instruction covering various aspects of grammatical usage followed by a quick "In A Nutshell" section that summarizes the teaching. Reinforcement activities for each lesson include a Schoolhouse Rock DVD selection, brief instructions for the two corresponding Workbook pages (answers included in the IM), and several games or activities. For instance, in the first lesson on Pronouns, there are directions for Pronoun Concentration and A Penny for a Pronoun. There's a fair amount of variety in the consumable Student Workbook activity sheets but not a huge amount of "busy work"; activities seem purposeful and helpful. Workbook is reproducible for family use. Yes, you might have heard of Schoolhouse Rock, a Disney? production delivering animation and songs that correspond to the different grammatical concepts and are integrated into the Grammar Ace lessons. The Grammar Ace package includes all three Instructor's Manual, Student Workbook and the Schoolhouse Rock DVD. ~ Janice

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