Letter & Word Bingo

Looking for a fun way to motivate and reward your advancing reader? Try Bingo! This set from Sonlight Curriculum offers 3 levels of game play: Sound Clusters, Sight Words 1, and Sight Words 2. Each game consists of for 4 ½" x 5 ½" cardstock Bingo cards and instructions. Sound clusters includes: Ge/Gi/Gy, Ch, Aw/Au, Ew, Ar, Ang/Ong/Ing; Or, Ow, Ti, Sh, Ch, Ce/Cy/Ci, Oo, Ou/Ow, Ea, Oo/Ui/Ue; Th, Er/Ir/Ur; Gh; Oi/Oy; Qu; Ph, Gh, and Wh. Sight Words 1 includes: come, said, is, look, with, see, do, was, here, have, the, one, no, me, his, my, for, of, has, you, go, by, I, were and to. Sight Words 2 includes: this, two, that, are, three, buy, once, many, from, very, some, about, she, your, why, would, there, all, any, what, been, love, they, our and when. Calling pieces will need to be cut out by the parent. Bingo chips and cards sold separately. ~Deanne

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Grades: PK-2
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