Intended to support a reading program, this spelling book uses a phonetic approach. The directions to the instructor are very clear. An introduction to the book tells you what to do and why you are doing it. The method uses Anna Gillingham's Phonics Drill Cards (not included) to teach phonics rules and gives you good example words to remember the rules. You are told in what sequence to present the rules so you can confidently present the lessons. Dictation is the other main component. They are about 1-3 sentences in length and apply the rule that students have been learning. The teacher book tells you just how to present a lesson: starting with the phonogram cards, teaching a sound or several, presenting a spelling list (of 6-12 words), review, dictation, read the dictation, correct the dictation, new work or review on a variety of topics, and then reading aloud for practice. Ta-da! That is how you present this method. I think it would take about 15-20 minutes a lesson once you get the hang of it. Since this is for older kids, the words used in the lists and dictation are ones you would find in middle and high school material. Student book has 135 pgs. Teacher manual has 72 pgs. pb. ~ Sara

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