Civics and the Constitution from New Leaf Press

From a Biblical worldview, this civics course goes back to explore the mindset of the Founding Fathers using historic sources to help students understand the purpose and powers of the Constitution. Students will use the Principle Approach known as the Four R’s: Research (using the Bible, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, and other primary sources to define terms), Reason (using questions to identify truth), Relate (connecting this truth to history or a current event), and Record (writing or applying the knowledge). Most chapters consist of watching a video lecture, reading notes and sources, and completing worksheets (fill-in-the-blank, short-essay, and multiple-choice questions) and quizzes. Lessons should take about 30-45 minutes a day, four to five days a week. The student textbook consists of all the reading material, supplemental video options, and instructions for watching the videos and completing worksheets and quizzes. The teacher guide includes a suggested daily schedule, worksheets, quizzes, and answers. There are also suggestions on how to extend this course over a full year. There are 15 video lectures (each about 23 minutes in length). As students learn about the important checks and balances and the proper role and limits of civil government in the United States, they will learn how to think through meaningful questions using Biblical principles. This course will certainly give them a better understanding of our Constitution and their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

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