Short Vowel Phonics

You won't find a beginning reading program that is easier to use. These are sets of unique, simple readers using only words with short vowel sounds. Vowels are introduced in order - a, e, i, o, u. The vowel sound being introduced is repeated throughout the story, and each story is followed by practice pages intended to strengthen reading skills. All letters of the alphabet are used in the series except "y," and are intended for use with kindergarten, first grade, and struggling readers who have mastered sound-letter relationships and have memorized the six non-phonetic words a, as, has, his, is, the. Black-line illustrations in the stories are strategically placed to engage the child without giving clues to the decoding of new words. These books can be used in conjunction with a systematic phonics curriculum or use them alone as students practice reading skills which focus on short vowels.

A unique feature of this series is the font size and style. Print is larger (upper case letters are about ¼ inch tall), and books are printed in fonts that are specific to different handwriting programs. This allows children to read words the same way they are writing - Bob Jones, D'Nealian, Getty-Dubay Italic, Handwriting Without Tears and Zaner-Bloser. In the front of each reader parents will find information specific to that story - the sight words used, unusual vocabulary, and the word count.

Short Vowel Phonics 1 includes 10 readers (2 books in each of 5 units) using vowel-consonant or consonant-vowel-consonant patterned words. Stories contain between 4 to 9 sentences and four sight words are used. Stories vary from 21 to 41 words.

Short Vowel Phonics 2 includes 16 readers (4 books in unit 1 and 3 books in each of the remaining 4 units) using the same word patterns as found in Short Vowel Phonics 1 along with some short vowel words with consonant blends. Six sight words are used and stories have 6-14 sentences varying in length from 34 to 69 words. As you can see, stories progress in challenge.

Short Vowel Phonics 3 is a set of seven books which introduces double consonants, "ing" words such as ring, sing, etc. and "ing" as a suffix, along with one additional non-phonetic sight word. There are six stories which range from 87 to 161 words and five poems ranging from 29 to 34 words.

Short Vowel Phonics 4 is a set of 5 readers (one story per reader) that introduces short vowel words with the digraphs ch, sh, th, and wh, and two additional sight words. Stories range in length from 85 to 136 words.

Paperback books consist of all of the readers in a series bound into one paperback book. There are no worksheets in these volumes and the font is Pen Time manuscript.

The books in this series are in black and white and the binding is a machine-stitched seam. Colored stitching coordinates to the units of readers - unit 1 is brown, unit 2 is green, unit 3 is yellow, unit 4 is blue, and unit 5 is red. Activities at the back of each book require the student to write in the reader or color some of the pictures, so you could go ahead and let them color the rest of the pictures to have a more personalized edition of the stories. - Donna

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