Psychology: A Christian Perspective

If your kids are planning on going on to secondary education, this course will help prepare them for some of the information they will encounter in college. Psychology is often a required course for students to take, and while it is most often not taught from a Christian viewpoint, this course points out that it is not psychology that is the problem, in and of itself. In fact, the author argues that Christians should familiarize themselves with psychology, know what is taught, and be prepared to know why they believe what they believe. It is true that students may be bombarded with lots of information and definitely from a different point of view than they are used to, but the best prepared students are the ones who are familiar with the different ideas out there and are prepared to defend their own beliefs. This course takes students through the basics of psychology from a Christian worldview. The material is serious and in depth, and your student will be well prepared for psychology courses at the college level upon completion of this course. The recently expanded textbook (was 164 pgs, now 256 pgs) covers psychology basics, psychology from a Christian worldview, psychology's history and worldview, the brain and nervous system, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, learning and memory, human development, consciousness, thinking/language/intelligence, personality, abnormal psychology, treatment, social psychology and research methods. Each chapter culminates with a summary and review questions.

The softcover Teacher's Guide includes chapter summaries and outlines, answers (for chapter review, quiz and essay questions), discussion questions, activities, suggestions for further study and chapter quizzes. "Study Guide" chapter review pages are provided with and without answers, as are the quizzes. These pages are reproducible for student use. Assignments include further research, writing, reading and more. Please note that there is no separate workbook with the revised course; all other material not found in the text is now included in the Teacher's Guide.Arm your children with the knowledge they need to defend their faith and beliefs, while they succeed at the college level. ~ Megan

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