Hot Dots Junior Interactive Storybooks

Join Ace and Kat in their very own storybook adventures! Based upon the Hot Dots Jr. pen characters of Ace--the Talking, Teaching Dog™ and Kat-the Talking, Teaching Kitty™, each interactive book teaches fun early learning concepts. The books look like ordinary picture books, except they have black dots next to some of the objects in the illustrations. First, read the story's text on each page. Then, answer the question at the bottom of each page by selecting the correct object(s) with your Hot Dots Jr. pen (sold separately). For example, a question might prompt kids to "Find things that start with the letter B," "Find the circles," or identify objects that rhyme with a certain word. When the Hot Dots Jr. pen is pressed upon a black dot, it lights up and makes sound effects (green for a correct answer, red for incorrect). Each book has ten fun activities. For your convenience, we offer a boxed set that includes the Ace Hot Dots Jr. pen and all four storybooks. ~ Lisa

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Item # 025498
Grades: PK-K
Retail: $27.99
Our Price: $23.50
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