Horizons for Threes

For those looking for a complete program that will jump-start your little one with basic skill development and Bible knowledge - Horizons for Threes might do the trick. This program includes the elements of fine and gross motor development along with cognitive advancement in an age-appropriate style.

The Bible Story Reader includes 40 stories from both the Old and New Testaments that correspond to each of the 40 lessons in the program. Each story is a one-paragraph summary of the longer story (more appropriate for the listening abilities of a 3-year old), and is followed by "thought questions" and a "prayer" that complement the story. There is a full-page, color picture for each story and some of the "thought questions" are about the pictures.

The Student Workbook contains the worksheets that correspond to each lesson. There are four pages to complete per lesson and activities vary - coloring, counting, finger tracing, matching, etc. The full-color workbook pages are intended for reinforcement of the lesson content. All pages are labeled at the top of the page with the corresponding lesson and worksheet number.

The Student Workbook Companion includes additional worksheets (one per lesson) for each lesson. These are full-color, printed on a bit heavier stock, and include activities that encourage skill development - cutting, pasting, coloring, lacing. All pages are labeled at the top of the page with the corresponding lesson and worksheet number.

The Teacher Guide for this program begins with an explanation of the curriculum and how to use each component. There is also an explanation of fine motor skill development for the purpose of handwriting. A suggested five-day schedule will help you plan your week, and short summaries of each part of the lesson aid in lesson planning. There are 40 lessons, 1 per week, and each includes a list of supplies, Bible reference and concept, corresponding story in the Bible Story Reader, memory verse (NIV, NKJV, KJV), corresponding worksheets found in the Student Workbook and Student Workbook Companion, and suggestions for expansion. Expansion activities vary from lesson but incorporate science, language arts, phonics, math, shaps, colors, physical education, cooking, social studies, music, arts/crafts, health/safety, and much more. Memory verse cards in all three versions are included at the back of the book. Parents/Teachers can make copies of the version they prefer for classroom use. These lessons are very straightforward and easy to use; there is no guesswork in executing the lessons.

The Horizons for Threes Set includes the Bible Story Reader, Student Workbook, Student Workbook Companion, and Teacher Guide. The kit is complete for one student. The pages of the workbook and workbook companion are not reproducible - purchase would be necessary for additional students.

This curriculum is research-based and incorporates techniques that work well for young children; however, there is a wide range of skill development among 3-year olds, so adaptation of the content might be necessary. Overall, this is a very well-done, complete curriculum for young children and a great starting point for teachers or parents who prefer an all-in-one early-learning program. ~ Donna

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