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Saxon Teacher is one reason why Saxon Math is a strong choice for homeschoolers - particularly at the high school level - an added depth of support. Available as a 1-year digital license, this program provides comprehensive lesson instruction, worked sample problems and solutions for every lesson problem. Saxon Teacher is available for most Saxon programs from 4th grade through Advanced Math and lesson navigation is easy to use. Online courses are organized into sections for the lesson overview, practice problems and solutions. You can proceed through the problems one by one or go directly to any particular problem.

Saxon Teacher is accessed through VitalSource Bookshelf Online or through VitalSource Bookshelf App. It can be used on any computer, tablet, or mobile phone and can be downloaded to 2 computers AND 2 mobile devices using the Bookshelf App. You will need the Bookshelf App on computer, tablet or mobile device if accessing offline.

All instruction, problem-solving, and solutions are given in a digital whiteboard format ("black-marker-writing" on your computer screen with teacher's voice in the background). To avoid monotony, the voices change sometimes male; sometimes female; but always pleasant. Please note that the Test Access file provides solutions for all the problems from each test. The printed Solution Manual will be redundant if you are using Saxon Teacher, as all the solutions are provided in the program and individual solutions can be printed one at a time after the solution is worked on the screen. However, some may still prefer to have hard copy versions of all the solutions for quicker reference. Please note that the CD-ROM format has been discontinued, as it used Adobe Flash Player, which is no longer supported (after 2020). ~ Janice

Download the Saxon Math Tutorials: Comparison Chart or the Visual Comparison.

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