Worldview Detective: A Socratic Method for Investigating Real Books

Isn't this what you would expect from a seasoned seminar presenter who has already hinted at the importance of determining worldview as you read literature? In Teaching the Classics, Adam Andrews gave us tools for enjoying, learning from, and understanding classic literature. In this seminar, he and his wife, Missy, get more specific about how to go about the task of analyzing the worldview of literary pieces. Coming from a definite Christian perspective, both literary analysis tools and worldview analysis tools are examined. As before, graphic organizers help clarify the analysis. One of the most helpful parts of this seminar is the "live" discussion of the worldview of two well-known literary works, one by Jack London and one by Anton Chekhov (both included in the student workbook). The workbook provides a place to take notes as the student follows along with the seminar. The seminar also includes a new Socratic List (113 discussion questions) designed to help in analyzing any book. ~ Janice

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