Short Story Anthologies 6-9 (Mosdos Literature)

A perfect opportunity! That's what this excellent collection of short stories represents. If you've been wondering about the Mosdos literature program, this 160 page collection provides you the perfect opportunity to sample. If you've been looking for a short story unit to add to your whole book literature studies, this is the perfect opportunity.

Compiled and structured with the same thoughtfulness and moral content that marks their literature courses, Mosdos presents twelve stories from contemporary (such as Gary Paulsen) and classic (such as Anton Chekhov) authors along with a discussion question framework designed to provoke quality teacher-student interaction. The paperback student text includes the stories preceded by a "Consider This" segment that provides an introduction to some aspect of the story. Each story includes vocabulary notes and "Thinking It Over" questions. There are intriguing pen and ink illustrations for each story. The spiral-bound Educator's Guide provides talking points for the Consider This segments and answers for the Thinking It Over sections. Please note that the Educator's Guide now comes with one Student text copy of Short Stories in a set. The Student Text/Short Story Anthology is also sold separately if you need additional copies. ~ Janice

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Grades: 6-9
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