Grammar and Writing School Ed. Hardcover Ed.

The School Edition, published by Hake Publishing, is the newer edition that we carry, but it is the original version of Grammar and Writing. We offer two versions of The School Edition: Hardcover or Softcover, which refers to the Student Textbook only. Student Workbooks and Teacher Books are only available in a softcover. The content and methodology is identical to the Homeschool 2nd Edition with the exception of Grade 6 - the only grade level with any differences.

In the 6th grade Student Workbook , there are 5 additional journaling prompts - questions about the student.

These include:

  • Would you rather spend a day in the mountains or at the ocean?
  • Write about something that you would like to make or build.
  • Write about something that you do well.
  • Write about something that you wish you could do better.
  • What can you do to make your home more cheerful?

Additionally, The More Practice worksheets are in the back of the Teacher Guide in the School Edition, rather than the Student Workbook like the Homeschool 2nd edition. help desk software