History of the World: The Transforming Influence of Jesus Christ

A study that traces the spread of the gospel fills an interesting place for Christians studying world history. It becomes world history through the lens of the Great Commission. While expanding geographical and vocabulary knowledge as well as critical thinking and research, this course uses two books as spines: Taking the World for Jesus (1st semester – history of Christianity and the contemporary state of world missions) and Adventures of Missionary Heroism (2nd semester – 21 biographies of nineteenth century Christian missionaries).

The one-year, elective course is covered in daily 30-45 minute lessons for 36 weeks. Daily activities for both semesters include readings, study questions, essay/research questions, occasional matching exercises, and map activities. First semester studies are augmented by a Practical Exercises and Prayer segment while the second semester substitutes a Scripture Theme and Scripture Theme Questions segment instead. A research paper is assigned at the end of the course. [Note: Adventures of Missionary Heroism is a reprint of a book originally published in 1912. There are clear instances of violence, cannibalism, and headhunting in the text, so parents will need to decide if it is appropriate for their students. However, the course could be used as a one semester only, 1/2 credit course if you prefer to not use this book.]

The Teacher Guide includes a weekly lesson schedule, student worksheets (reproducible), exams (also reproducible), and an answer key. Continent maps and a Glossary are included but students will need a world atlas or online maps as well. 244 pgs, pb, perforated. The Curriculum Pack includes the Teacher Guide plus the two spine books. ~ Janice

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