Cupcake Dice Game

This cute, simple educational dice game promotes and reinforces simple math in an enjoyable activity. The featured math operations are addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The number dice vary with each level. Level 1 has lower numbers, and level two has higher numbers. The game includes two number dice, and one operation die.

To play the game, have the youngest player roll all of the dice, and have them figure out what their score for the round is. If there is a subtraction dice, subtract the smallest number from the largest number. For example, if a 10 and a 4 are rolled with a subtraction sign, the score for that round would be 6. If an “Aaahhh!” is rolled on the operation die, the player rolls them all again. If an “Aaahhh!” is rolled twice in one round, the player loses the turn. The player who acquires the most points in each round collects a cupcake. If the cupcakes are all obtained, but are divided between players, the players keep playing to steel cupcakes from other players. The first player to collect all 3 cupcakes wins!

This game makes a great math review game at home and school to help students calculate math problems with mental math rather than writing it out on paper. This act helps promote the skill of quick problem solving, especially with numbers.

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