Well Planned Lesson Plans

Description from Well Planned Gal:

Saving Time on Planning and Organizing

Full Year

36 Weeks, 180 Lessons

Complete Resource

Includes Bible, history, science, math, language arts, music & art.

Flexible Schedules

Three levels to choose from each week: Essentials, Enriched, or Comprehensive. This allows for flexibility within your schedule to spend more or less time on schooling or subject matter.

For School and More

With perforated pages, simply remove the weekly syllabus and give to students. The front side of the page contains the weekly lesson in five-day format. The back side of the page contains areas for extra activities, chores, additional assignments, notes, and weekly progress.

Easy-to-Create Student Portfolio

Keeping the perforated weekly pages, along with student projects, reports, quizzes, and tests, teachers can easily create a student portfolio.

Grade Levels

Preschool - 12th Grade

Popular Four-Year History Cycle

Using a four-year history cycle for grades two through twelve, Well Planned Lessons ensure your student is thoroughly educated. History cycles include:

Ancient Civilizations

Culture & Ideas

A New Nation

Modern World & Geography

Stages of Education

With content tailored to your child's stage of learning, Well Planned Lessons ensure that learning occurs naturally.

Preschool - 4th Grade: Getting Excited

5th - 8th Grade: Beginning to Understand

9th - 12th Grade: Learning to Reason

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