Draw and Write Through History

These fun and educational supplements will be a great diversion from boring textbooks and endless amounts of reading! Students will love putting some of their other talents into their history lessons, whether drawing the Trojan Horse, the black stallion of Alexander the Great, or a Viking ship. Each book is divided into several sections that cover many aspects of early history with a good mix of Biblical accounts and other historical events. Each section begins with a drawing of the time period or place, followed by detailed drawing instructions for all different aspects of the picture, and concluding with a page of information about the time period for students to copy to practice their penmanship. For example, in the Creation Through Jonah book, the section on Egypt starts with a colored page featuring a pyramid, mummy, and sphinx. The following pages have separate step-by-step drawing instructions (1-3 pages per drawing) for each of those items. The information about Egypt closes the section, written in cursive so students have a model to copy their handwriting after. Sprinkled with interesting facts and Bible verses, these books are sure to bring the ancient times to life. Approximately 60 pgs. ~ Megan

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