BJU Press Math Grade 2 (4th Ed.)

New mascots, Hal and his pet beaver Horatio, will escort your 2nd grader on their math journey. The content is basically the same in the 4th edition of this curriculum, but chapters are presented in a slightly different order from the 3rd edition. Students will learn about – addition facts, subtraction facts, place value and 2-digit numbers, time & calendars, addition with 2-digit numbers, subtraction with 2-digit numbers, data, customary measurement, place value and 3-digit numbers, addition with 3-digit numbers, money, introduction to multiplication, subtraction with 3-digit numbers, multiplication facts, fractions, geometry, introduction to place value and 4-digit numbers, metric measurement, introduction to division, division facts, and a final chapter of Math Review.

  The chapter on data is new in this edition, along with the final Math Review chapter – there are a total of 21 chapters in the 4th edition (3rd edition had only 20 chapters). The graphics and layout have been updated, but the materials are still colorful and engaging and include the solid Bob Jones teaching you expect.

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