The Time Machine

The unabridged, classic tale of time travel adventure by H.G.Wells. In the onset of the story, the man dubbed "The Time Traveler," is showing his friends the miniature version of the life-sized travel machine that he is working on. As an editor, psychologist, narrator, and other friends second-guess and debate with him, the time traveler has answers for all of their questions. Just how is time travel possible? It seems as though his friends are merely pretending to understand, as the concept is much too mind-blowing for any of them. The Time Traveler gives them a taste of what happens when one time travels and sends his miniature on a trip. Before all of their eyes, it disappears! It still doesn't seem believable. What happens in a couple days when they are all at The Time Traveler's house, waiting to meet him for dinner, and there's no sign of him? He eventually appears, looking as if he were run over by a truck, and he has plenty of stories to tell. It turns out he just finished the real time machine and went on his very own incredible journey far, far into the future. Will his respected, wise colleagues finally accept his story as true?

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