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Revised in 2018 to support current state standards, fans of the original series will appreciate the fresh content and full-color pages. Continuing with the same philosophy of providing math and language arts practice creatively, workbooks offer a wide array of practice exercises. For example, in the Kindergarten math children consider pictures of different food items to determine which one reflects equal parts, study rows of fish tanks and complete the pattern, identify shape symmetry and practice addition and subtraction facts using picture clues. Most activities incorporate higher order thinking skills rather than memorization or fill in the blank. Worth noting, the monster theme is gone, as is the continuation of a theme throughout the worktext. 256 pgs, sc. Please contact us to verify the publication year, as we currently have both editions avilable.

Our original reviewer utilized the previous edition workbooks, which we have limited quantity available. Here is a summary of her experiences: Out of the many early learning workbooks my girls used, this series was one of our very favorites. I have seen the PK and K workbooks, and along with the more typical age-appropriate worksheets on math and reading readiness such as recognizing and writing numbers and letters in PK and a concentration on letter sounds in K, we really enjoyed the wide range of engaging exercises that practiced other early skills. With each book containing a hefty 320 pages, there is plenty of room for an assortment of well-thought-out activities and at a fantastic price! Whereas many workbooks rely on the same old counting objects and matching numbers to sets activities page after page, this book offered a strong emphasis on numbers and counting through original, fun exercises, which encourages children to think different ways and really understand concepts. Every page or "problem" is based on illustrations of cute monsters and is built on a story around it. For example, one page asks children to color the houses in "Monster Metropolis" different colors according to the number of monsters living in them. Another page invites children to count how many of each feature the unique monsters have. Every page was unique and exciting to my daughter, and the math section contained more higher-level thinking skills and wider mix of activities than we're used to getting in a Kindergarten workbook. Steph/Deanne

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