Scene-A-Rama Diorama Kits, Add-Ons

When I was young (and we had more time to be crafty), my mom and I made dioramas out of shoeboxes for church activities and school projects. I hope Mom still has her "Days of Creation" diorama series somewhere - we never got tired of looking at those! Making dioramas - or creating a visual display for any topic you are studying - can be a fun way to creatively display your knowledge and share it with others. While shoeboxes are definitely a cheap and simple medium, this line of display and diorama supplies from Woodland Scenics has a lot to offer in versatility and materials.

The starting point for any diorama project is the Project Base. The bases are made of molded black plastic and give you a raised "stage" to start on. A blank white placard on the front of the base allows projects to be clearly labeled. Bases also come with a durable white cardboard backdrop sized to fit tightly into the grooves on the base. The backdrop offers additional "scene" area for skies or horizon detail or room for more display or project explanation. Bases come in two sizes, small and large. The Small Project Base offers a display area of 7 3/8" x 10 ¾" x 7 ½", while the Large Project Base has a display area of 12 ½" x 16 ¼" x 11".

Several kits are also available to create impressive dioramas from the Project Bases. The Basic Diorama Kit gives you all the tools you need to create a flat, green, grassy scene with some trees. It includes a ReadyGrass® sheet (for an instant green/grassy surface), glues, tree armatures, foliage fiber, shrubs, wild grasses, loose foliage accents (kind of like glitter made out of faux plant matter), basic tools and instructions. The Desert Oasis Diorama Kit includes everything you need to make a basic desert scene on a Project Base, including a Desert Sand ReadyGrass® sheet, foliage fiber, talus (small rocks/sand), glue, palm trees, wild grasses, foliage accents, tools, and instructions. If you want to turn your Project Base into a mountain, rocky area, or volcano, the Mountain Diorama Kit is what you need. It includes a basic earth surface, a volcano tube, earth-colored paints, foliage fiber, a rock mold, side panels, talus, plaster cloth, casting plaster, shrubs, glue, basic tools and instructions. For a Diorama with a water theme or with water present, the Water Diorama Kit includes realistic water mix, water effects, water and earth undercoats, side panels, plaster cloth, talus, shrubs, foliage fiber, foliage accents, glue, tools, and instructions.

Additional kits for are also available. The Horizon & Detail Kit is recommended for creating horizons, adding clouds, or molding a 3-D background for your diorama. This kit includes plaster cloth, glue, wire, paintbrushes, paints, grass, clouds, foliage fibers, and instructions. The Building & Structure kit is great for adding buildings like missions, castles, forts, log cabins or even pyramids. Other items like ships, wagons, and bridges can also be created from the contents. The Building & Structure kit includes glue, wire, plaster cloth, sticks, clear plastic, construction board, white plastic, black paper, ribbed board, project board, and instructions.

Accent Kits provide all the materials you need to create special topographical features. The Rock Making Kit includes rock molds, plaster, paint, loose "gravel," glue, and instructions. The Foliage & Grasses Kit includes glue and all the materials needed to create short and tall grasses, bushes, flowers, trees, roads and more.

Plaster and plaster cloth are two materials that are indispensable for creating landforms, structures, or anything three-dimensional. Because these are used so often, we also offer them separately as refills.

All in all, whether you're planning a scene or display for a unit sudy, co-op, science or history fair, or just for fun, these bases and kits offer all the tools to create a very impressive display at a pretty reasonable price. The possibilities are pretty endless here, as they lend themselves well to creating historical scenes, landscapes, displays, models, and so much more! Although all the material you need is included in the kits, you will likely need a craft knife, scissors, water, tape, and other household supplies to create your finished product. If you're looking for more ideas, you might want to check out the Project book as well.

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