Busy Teacher's Guide: Art Lessons

That describes all of us - busy teachers. These lessons try to give you a helping hand, combining art appreciation, instruction in basic elements of art, easy-to-follow directions for art projects, several assignment alternatives and patterns for or illustrations of finished projects. Two books cover primary and intermediate level. Each book contains 36 lessons. If you have art twice a week it would be ideal. One day, do the main art project together. The other, let your child(ren) select from the assignment choices to do a variation on the method or theme which they should be able to complete (mostly) on their own. Each lesson begins with a statement of purpose so you can see what concept is highlighted. The Art History section discusses a famous artist and his or her artwork. It would be good to locate reproductions of this art for a more complete, visual appreciation of the work. Materials lists are included both for the main project and variations. The main lesson procedure is very clearly written. These are simple projects which explore the elements of art using basic art materials but a variety of media (paint, chalk, crayon, marker, clay, fabric, collage materials, etc.). Assignment choices (for additional, related art projects) are listed next, again with clear and simple instructions. At least two (and usually more) choices are given, so you can extend the usefulness of this book farther if you want to spend more time on each concept. A final "Connection" paragraph ties the art project and highlighted art work together. The facing page for each lesson contains either patterns to be used for the art project, or it shows a picture of what the finished project(s) should look like.

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