One of our favorite new games of the year! You probably remember the telephone game where, one by one, each person whispers a word to the next person in the circle. By the time it reaches the end, the word is completely different. In this clever take on that game, each player starts off with a dry-erase coiled sketchbook, dry-erase marker, and a card with 6 words or phrases on each side. To start, each player writes their word on the first page of the sketchbook, turns the page, and has 60 seconds to sketch the word/phrase. Then players pass the sketchbook to the player on the left who guesses what the sketch is, then passes it on to the next player who sketches the guess, and so it goes, with players around the circle alternately sketching or guessing. As everyone has a sketchbook and different card, there is very little sitting around waiting; every turn each player is either sketching or guessing (some may just take a little more time than others!). Once your notebook completes the circle and comes back to you, it is hilarious to see the course the words have taken. From "Blood Bank" to "Lasso" or "Athlete's Foot" to "Duck Worship," you are guaranteed a lot of laughter. The regular game can accommodate up to 8 players with 142 cards for over 1700 total words/phrases; the 12-Player Party Pack can accommodate up to 12 players with an additional 50 cards for over 2300 words/phrases. Each game includes sketchbooks, dry-erase markers, erasing cloths, cards, die, timer and instructions. ~ Megan

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