Letter Basket

The same thing as the Book Basket only a bit larger, these measure 14" x 11.25" and are 7" deep. (Interior dimensions are approximately 11" x 9" x 7.") Cheerful, bright colors will perk you right up like a cup of coffee! A letter size paper will lie flat in the bottom. Think of all the home office and classroom organizing you could do! You could have one color for assignments to turn in, and another color for papers to return to students. Use one for each child to hold the schoolbooks they use daily, so they can find their books and put them away easily, and they can quickly take them to work anywhere. Each kiddo could have their own color to keep hats and mittens in. Toys! Think building blocks, doll clothes, books, and more. You get the idea, these simple baskets sell themselves! One handle has a tab slot to identify what's in the box, a great idea for shelf organization. Colors may vary between manufacturing lots; if you are ordering multiples, you may want to check with us first to ensure that we have enough matching stock to fulfill your order. ~ Sara

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