Economics: Concepts and Applications

By definition, economics is the study of how people satisfy their unlimited wants and needs with a limited supply of resources. Students often want to incorporate "real-life" situations to their studies, and the study of economics certainly falls within this category. This book covers the basic concepts of all parts of the economy ranging from personal, individual microeconomic issues to large-scale, global macroeconomic issues. It is divided into 7 units (18 chapters) and covers the following topics: introduction to economics; capitalism, communism, and socialism; America and free enterprise; money, banking, and investment; government and the economy, measuring economic performance, and trade. Although comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking activities are provided in the worktext, the answers are only available in the teacher's guide. The teacher's guide also includes additional skill builder lessons covering skills like reading a stock market report and comparing costs using the consumer price index. Unit reviews and a test come in the teacher's guide. ~ Enh

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