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By tracing American democracy back to the British Magna Carta and even earlier Greek civilization, this text gives a rich history as to how the United States government was formed and how it continues to affect the lives of its citizens. This text is focused on the formation of the United States government, branches of the federal government, state and local governments, and how citizens and government work together in our democracy. Each lesson includes introductory questions, a running vocabulary with definitions, pictures, and comprehensive review. End-of-chapter questions include writing activities, vocabulary exercises, critical thinking questions, and "Skill Builders." My favorite parts are the critical thinking activities and Skill Builders included at the end of each lesson. These activities ask students to apply the information they have learned or analyze a political cartoon or graph. The teacher's guide includes key concepts and discussion questions for each chapter, suggested pre-reading activities, and key vocabulary. Answers and explanations to student book exercises, extension activities, unit tests, and, graphic organizers are also provided in the teacher's guide. An easy-to-use introduction to our government, this is a great program for middle-school students that could be incorporated into a U.S. history program, or used as an elective. ~ Steve

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