Uniquely State Series

So, what's unique about your state? I'll bet there's some things that you don't even know! While not abandoning the more "mundane" facts about each state, this series brings to the forefront landmarks, animals, plants, physical features, people, architectural wonders, and other features unique to that state that make you want to visit. Each book begins with general state information like the state symbols, and then launches into its government, national parks, scenic places, unique cities, special architectural wonders, food and cuisine, sports, businesses, and more. The pages are filled with interesting, informative text, and crowded with full-color photographs of the people, landmarks, landscapes, and maps of that state. Informative and interesting, like most books that like to focus on "different" and unique things, these are likely to entertain and educate the young reader. A glossary, suggested further reading list, and index are appended. - Jess

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