Musk Ox Magic

You may not have any musk oxen in your back yard like this family does in Alaska, but your children can learn about this interesting creature in a unit study that covers math, science, drawing, culture, weather, and story telling. Also, there is not any magic in this book, just the imagination of children as the musk ox say "goodnight" in their dreams. Musk oxen have been around for thousands (perhaps millions, of years as the book points out), making them pre-historic. This unit study consists of a colorful children's book and separate unit study book with information and activities. The book is quite charming on its own.

Musk Ox Magic is the storybook about 3 siblings living on a musk ox farm in Alaska. The children each have a dream about being safe and warm with an imaginary musk ox in their rooms. As they fall asleep, a scary animal chases them into the safety of the herd where they are guarded by the females while the large bull chases off the danger. The illustrations are rich and vibrant oil pastels drawn by the author's home-schooled daughters. The scary animals, (a bear, a wolf, and a moose) are done in bright colors, but they are kind of spooky if your kids are on the sensitive side. You could use this as a chance to talk about how wild animals are dangerous and your kids should never venture into their habitats alone. There are photos of real musk ox in the back and of the real children and author as well. 30 pgs, pb

Unit Study book includes 5 activities that can be done with children of different ages at the same time. There is a guessing game about literary genres, a creative writing prompt, a thorough science lesson revolving around the animals, a drawing lesson, and a math lesson for beginners that uses Piagetan principles and a Venn diagram.

Overall, this is a charming week-long unit study for a family which centers on an creature most of us are unfamiliar with. You could use this with a geography study or a unit on Alaska. Add it to an animal study of their habitats and adaptations to their environments. The unit study book is simple to follow. I particularly liked the illustrations in the story book! ~ Sara

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