Milliken Cultural Resource Guides

These are wonderful resources for immersion in another culture. More than a brief visit, each of these would make a very complete unit study. Each begins with an outline map of the country, showing major cities, regions, and surrounding countries. Following is an overview of the country, including basic facts, information about the land and climate, and special features. Ensuing sections discuss the history of the country (a summary from earliest history to modern day); language, including pronunciation keys, useful expressions, and some basic vocabulary; an account of daily life, including family life, school days, typical schedule, religion, and games. An entire section is devoted to food, with typical recipes provided. Creative Arts is divided into literature, painting, architecture, music and dance (this may vary depending on the country). The last three sections are devoted to sports, celebrations, and major cities. Several chapters contain suggested activities and/or discussion topics also. Black-and-white illustrations throughout show people from that country in typical dress. Additional resources are listed at the end of the book in case you want to do further research, including a list of fiction (so you can incorporate literature into your study) and places to write for tourist or other information. These look like excellent surveys of each country that can be used as a teacher reference or by students themselves.

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