100 People Who Shaped World History

These interesting, informative references recount one hundred notable figures, events or objects with brief and factual details. Biographical books recount individuals' lives from their births, their major life events and works, to their deaths. While not packed with details, these books offer enough information for students to learn the basics about each person or event. Each page covers one person and is illustrated with black-and-white artwork or photos. This book should be sufficient for those wanting to complete an overall study of that particular group, but is not an in-depth study. You might add them to a unit study or give them to a reluctant reader who may do better with the one page/one topic format. The biographies are arranged in chronological order, so students can read straight through the book or you can use it as a reference for artists mentioned in your art curriculum. Several trivia questions and an index are included. 112 pgs. ~ Sara

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