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Test everyone's knowledge of American history, geography, and general trivia knowledge! As players move around the board square by square, landing on either a history, geography, or general knowledge space, they are asked a question from that category. If they answer correctly, they advance. In the review copy we have (which is the Junior Edition), geography questions may include states/capitals questions, questions about cities, landmarks, and where cities or landmarks might be found. History questions run the gamut from important dates, famous events, wars, and other general history questions from any period in U.S. history. General questions may include questions about famous authors, sports teams, entertainers, animals of the U.S., documents, and much more. "Uncle Sam" spaces are interspersed around the board as well, and function much the same way as "Chance" cards in Monopoly. These cards can cause the player to miss a turn, or move forward more spaces. Competition is sure to be fierce, with no die to roll, a pretty even distribution of question types, and even Uncle Sam cards offering limited spaces to advance! - Jess

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Grades: 4-AD
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