Summer Quest

If you can incorporate 15 minutes a day into your child's daily routine, these engaging and colorful workbooks will help him retain knowledge from the last school year and prepare him for the upcoming grade. A summer reading list including fiction and nonfiction books is placed at the beginning of each workbook to keep your child reading great literature throughout the summer. Also included is a list of skills focusing on math, language arts, physical fitness/health, social studies, and science that students will complete throughout the workbook. At the bottom of every activity page, there is a "Summer Quest" featuring a mini adventure or activity that children will enjoy as they take time to explore the world around them. For each day your child works on "Summer Quest", there is an incentive chart with stickers to reward them as well as a certificate of completion. The appealing format makes the activities easy and enjoyable to complete. 311 pgs. Answers included. ~ Gina

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