Exploring Civilizations

Are the kids clamoring to do something "fun" and "active" with their study of history? If so, you can bring some of the more interesting aspects of these cultures to their fingertips by adding one of these activity guides to your curriculum. Each 48-page unit contains activities complementing a variety of topics from that era, from map activities, to art projects, to using their unique writings, to playing games from each culture, and more. Each activity begins with an introduction, why it was important in that culture, and a little more background. Then the materials are listed, along with step-by-step directions, as well as some interesting related facts. For instance, in Ancient Egypt, kids will have the opportunity to draw people like the Egyptians did, keep Egyptian time, write in the hieroglyphic alphabet, create their own canopic jar, play Mehen, dramatize a gathering of a cross-section of the Egyptian populace, learn the geography of ancient Egypt, perform a sandbox archaeological dig, and more. In Vikings, they'll make Viking swords and shields, re-create a Viking long ship, write a Viking creation myth, hold a "pledging" ceremony, make a Viking pendant and other jewelry, draw a Viking beast, and more. Most of the materials you'll need you probably already have around the house - basically a lot of art and craft supplies, and basic schoolroom tools. If they want to do projects and you don't have the time to dream them up, throw these at them! - Jess

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