Quick Pix

Quick Pix is a fast-moving competitive game which comes in three versions. Players are dealt five answer cards which feature (depending on the version) an addition/subtraction problem, animal or country. Question cards are flipped one at a time, revealing two categories. For example, in the Animal Quick Pix, one of the question cards could display the categories "Birds" and "Hoofed Animals." Several players might hold an appropriate answer card, and race to pick up question card. In Math Quick Pix, answer cards have a simple math problem, and the question cards have two numbers; if any of your answer cards work out to the number, pick up the card. In Geography, the answer cards reveal a country, and the question cards ask if your country is part of that continent. 2-4 players. - Melissa

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Item # 002394
Grades: 2-AD
Retail: $9.99
Our Price: $8.95
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