Ancient World History Co-Op Curriculum

In an endeavor to make history something more than just dates on a page and a test that needs to be passed, this course was written with the knowledge that homeschoolers can and do expand their curriculum to give it more life. Written for a co-op setting (though it can be used for individual students also), this ancient history unit study incorporates activities that will stimulate and excite the five senses while at the same time teaching something new about a time or place from the past. These activities include things like map making, creating their own language on a clay tablet, cooking and eating food from other cultures, listening to ethnic music, putting on plays about famous figures from ancient times, and a whole lot more. The textbook used as the basis for this curriculum is Streams of Civilization Vol.1 by Christian Liberty Press, a copy of which the student(s) will need to have. Over the 30 weeks recommended for the course of study, the period from creation to AD 500 will be under the microscope. There are lesson plans already worked out for each week, broken down by time increments to help teachers manage their classroom or teaching time. There are homework pages to be assigned, which is what the student packet is for. It contains a copy of all the homework pages and handouts (72 in all) which will be needed throughout the year for each student. All of the weekly lesson plans are in the teacher's book, along with a copy of all of the student homework and handout sheets. These sheets for the student come in an envelope and have holes punched to fit a three ring binder for the teacher to reference. Although the pages are reproducible, it is probably simpler (and cheaper) to purchase a student's packet for each student participating in the course. The answer key shows the solutions for all the homework pages, and the reference sheet is a concise, 8 ½ x 11 laminated timeline of eleven nations and regions between 4000 BC - AD 476. Written by and tested on homeschoolers, you can be sure that this is a homeschool friendly unit study. ~ Zach

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