Snap It Up! Game Series

You had better be quick if you want to be the winner! The basic rules are the same for each Snap It Up! Game - here is how it works. Players sort out the two types of cards. One stack goes in the middle and the rest are divvied up among the players. Each player holds three cards in their hand and puts the rest facedown in their draw pile. The card in the center is overturned and players try to make some kind of match with two of the cards in their hand - but watch out, everyone is trying to get that center card! Players can never have more than three cards in their hand, but they can draw and discard as quickly as possible to try to find a match. If you are skillful and lucky enough to be first, yell "Snap!" and snatch the card and its pairs from your hand. Put it in a pile as you overturn the next middle card. The first player to make three matches will have "Snapped It Up" to win the game. 2+ players. ~ Megan

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