Hot Dots

My sisters and I had something similar to these when we were kids (though not as educationally-based as these are), and we loved them. The Flash Card sets can be used either as regular flashcards or with the Hot Dots pen (sold as a separate item) for independent student use. The question on each flash card is placed either on the top, in the middle, or on one side of the card (depending on which set you have), and multiple answers are placed to the sides or below. Each answer is accompanied by either a "hot" dot or a "cold" dot, and when the correct answer is identified by pressing the point of the Hot Dot pen against the correct, "hot" dot, the pen replies with affirming sounds and lights. For the make-your-own set and the extra Hot Dots set, the uses are endless; kids can make their own flash cards, quizzes, or anything else to test out siblings, friends, or maybe even parents! Kids will "play" on end for hours, and not even realize how much they are learning. ~ Megan

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Grades: PK-AD
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