Understanding the People of the Past

Through this series, students will gain a fuller understanding of the daily life, culture, economic and political systems, and homelands of these people from the past. Each book begins by orienting the student to this group of people, displaying a map of their region with a smaller, inset world map to get a sense of where they fit in with the rest of the world. Each two-page spread following focuses on a specific aspect of the people's daily life and times such as their writing or communication system, agriculture, family life, clothing, crafts and trades, transportation, weapons and warfare, height and decline of each civilization or time period, and much, much more. Full-color photos of artworks, buildings and artifacts, archaeological digs, maps, diagrams, and photos of the land as it is today fill the pages around the text, giving a nice visual dimension to the information. All in all, these pack in a lot of varied, interesting information. They include a timeline, glossary and list of suggested reading. 64 pgs. - Jess

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