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Join archeologists as they dig up ancient riches, preserved mummies, buried cities, and long lost tombs. There is so much to learn from ancient cultures, and the best way to gain this knowledge is to examine the people and places of those times. This superb series highlights five high-interest cultures in these easy-to-read overviews packed full of interesting historical information. Learn about ancient Egyptians as you read about the Giza Pyramids, and discover why these pyramids are called the "Tomb of Wonders." Pompeii's excavations reveal to us many things we didn't know about ancient Rome's way of life. After reading about Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca village, you might want to travel to Peru to visit this "City in the Clouds." In the first emperor of China's tomb you will uncover his "Army of Stone" and many other amazing discoveries. Or you can just take the time to unlock the secrets of the dead by looking at natural and man-made mummies from around the world. Each book is paperback, has forty-eight pages, is filled with full-color photographs of the locations, and has a glossary of unfamiliar words and a list of books or websites for further research. Overall, these books provide wonderful insight to these famous historical sites, as well as providing wonderful information about the archeological proceedings, what they found, and what we've learned from those findings. Watch out! Your children might start digging up your backyard to uncover ancient mysteries after reading these books! - elise

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