Time Traveler's Adventures Series

Join Buffalo Biff, his friends Ruby and Pete, and his dog Farley as they ride in their time machine into the history of the United States. This series,written by Joe Loesch and illustrated by Brian T. Cox, brings a unique spin to normal read-along books. Each book comes with a CD that can be used for reading along. In addition to just having the story read by actors, the story is repeated on the CD three times, each time leaving out one of the characters so a child can take on the role and join in on the fun. The stories are written aseach character's dialogue only, with very little narration. Because of this, it's easy to engage from one to a few children at the same time by giving each a character's lines to read. Bringing them into the story makes history come alive. Throughout the series, children will take a peek into several different periods of America's history, from the founding of the United States through the later 1800s. Along the way they'll meet George Washington as he crosses theDelaware River during the Revolutionary War. They'll run into Abraham Lincoln's son, Tad, on the lawn of the White House. All the while, they'll love being a part of the story. - Chad

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