Miniland Sand Buckets & Toys

The sturdiest sand pails on the market, these will outlast any discount-store version. They're brightly colored with contrasting color handles that are securely attached to withstand many treks back and forth between the beach or sandbox. Go ahead: fill these with rocks, sand, and toys. Or flip them over and stand on them. These buckets can take it! Kids will also have hours of fun as they sift through the sand in search of hidden treasures. The sieve portion is about 6" across. The 19" Super Spade gives you a long-handled shovel option, the 10" Scoop moves a lot of sand, and the 6" rectangular Trowel lets you smooth the edges on your sand castle. The Sand Bucket & Accessories includes the special bucket, a hand-held rake, shovel and scoop. Baby Sand Bucket & Accessories includes tiny 4"H x 4 1/2"W bucket, and small 5" long tools (shovel, rake & scoop).

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Item # 019037
Grades: PK-1
Our Price: $7.75
Item # 019061
Grades: PK-1
Our Price: $2.50
Item # 060289
Grades: PK-1
Our Price: $4.50
Item # 060293
Grades: PK-AD
Our Price: $6.25
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