24/7: Goes to War

In every war, there are some battles that stand above the rest in terms of human drama and importance. This series focuses on those battles, highlighting them so younger readers will not only learn historical facts about them, but get a personal look at what the fighting was like for the soldiers involved. For each battle, the book shares background information, like what events led to the war and the featured battle, the various leaders involved, geographical information, prep-time for the battle, the number of troops involved, weapons used, strategies, what actually happened, casualties, specific heroes that rose up, the aftermath and impact the battle had, and more. The stories are personal and captivating because they don't just dryly share historical data; journal entries, quotes, and other first-hand accounts are included throughout the book. The text itself keeps your interest, but the pictures in the book are also really fascinating to look through. There are maps, pictures of the weapons and vehicles used, pictures of leaders from the time, lots of photos from the actual battle, and more. With 1-2 photos on every page, the book is very visually captivating. Additional resources in each book include a timeline, glossary, and list of additional resources about the topic. Each book 64 pgs, pb. ~ Rachel

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