Core Skills: Test Prep 2014 Edition

When comparing the 2003 edition of this series to the new 2014 edition, I see very minor differences. The information at the front of the book remains almost the same, but it is organized in a different page order. The table of contents now labels the skill areas as objectives and Common Core State Standards are marked with an asterisk on the "Standardized Test Content Areas" page. The content and wording on this page remains unchanged from the 2003 edition, but has added the asterisks for those who are interested in the content that aligns. Some of the graphics have been changed slightly and you may find an insignificant story detail switched.

Like other test prep series, this one gives students practice with the specific skills necessary in the core areas of math, language, and reading to succeed on standardized tests. This series also includes other skills and helps that others don't. They tend to focus highly on a student's understanding of the test, particularly on developing listening skills, understanding directions, and really thinking questions through before answering. Each unit is divided into "Specific Objectives," or specific skills from each subject that tests focus on, such as word meanings, main ideas or inferences and generalizations in reading. Each lesson focuses on a specific objective and includes a synopsis of the skill being practiced. Hints are included following the multiple-choice questions to get the student to stop and think about what is being asked. Short answer questions arealso included and test vocabulary, content, and general understanding. Specific subject area strategies are outlined in each unit before they launch into sharpening their test-taking skills, and practice tests for each main subject area (reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, listening, and language) are included to practice the strategies and skills students have learned to use in a standardized test-like situation. Answer key and answer sheets included.

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