Homeschool Supermom... Not!

In my homeschool journey, many (if not most) of the moms I met would look at me and say, "You Homeschool? I could never do that. I am not organized enough, spiritual enough, smart enough..." Have you heard comments like this or, just maybe, mom, you are reading this thinking about putting your children back in school because this past year was a failure. Your kitchen is a mess, you found yourself buying more underwear for the kids because you never had time to do laundry, I mean honestly, how can you keep up with Susie Supermom in your homeschool co-op? Now that I have your attention, welcome to the Homeschool Supermom...Not! Club. You are not alone. In fact, if we were honest with each other, this club is not so private and diminutive. This "supermom" is a figment of the imagination--much like the Barbie doll of generations past. Homeschooling is a journey. A journey filled with joy and tears; a journey filled with self-condemnation - and hopefully a journey filled with the grace of God.

Written by a veteran homeschool mom, Susan Kemmerer takes you on a quest from chaos to joy as she explodes the supermom myth and shows you the power of grace in your day-to-day homeschool experiences. In each chapter, you will be encouraged by the author's honest sharing, learn some applicable Biblical truths, and do a bit of self-examination. Topics covered include "what about me?", marriage (homeschool style), teaching children to serve, homeschooling distractible kids and much more. Intermingled are homework for the soul questions, photos from this real homeschool mom (and yes, her kitchen is like mine, not Food Network creditable), cartoons from Family Man Todd Wilson and wide margins to journal your thoughts and 'aha' moments. ESV references. SC. 279 pgs

While there is a little room to journal in the margins, the author's mom has also written a companion Bible study and prayer journal that is most helpful. Come to the Garden provides a place to answer the Homework for the Soul and sidebar questions, additional thoughts and scriptures, and a place to prayer journal. Introductory thoughts on how to use the study guide and additional journaling sheets are also included. A beautiful way to capture your grace-filled journey toward becoming like Jesus in your homeschool journey. Spiral bound. 119 pgs. ~Deanne

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