Stepping Stones Thinking Skills

Get your children on the path to critical thinking with these books. Each lesson has a series of pictures. The child's job is to think about the pictures and identify a pattern which will tell them what the next picture should be. For example, one lesson has a picture of an alligator, a balloon, a piece of candy, a dog and an elephant. The pattern in this exercise is the alphabetical sequence and the next picture should be of something beginning with f. The exercises make use of patterns with ending sounds, shapes, in and out, right and left, seasons, textures etc. One of the beauties of this series is that it will easily incorporate into your other curriculums. As you are teaching singular and plural noun forms to your children, you can pull out the critical thinking exercise which uses that concept in it's pattern from this book. The teacher's guide gives a general introduction, a rationale, objectives, hints for use, and answers. We recommend that you DO purchase a teacher's guide with each level. ~ Genevieve

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