Microscope Models 3000FF & 3000FF-100

Two better-quality microscopes for high school. Both have the following features:

  • 10X wide-field eyepiece with pointer, mounted at a 45° angle
  • monocular head with 360° rotation
  • 4X, 10X, 40X (retractable) objectives which are DIN achromatic, parcentered, parfocal and color-coded
  • coaxial coarse and fine focusing
  • positive stage stops to prevent damage to optics or specimens
  • tension adjustment to eliminate stage drift
  • Model 3000F features stage with 0.65 N.A. condenser with 5 hole disc diaphragm. Model 3000F-100 adds a fourth objective (a 100X retractable oil immersion lens which yields a 1000X magnification) and a mechanical stage with 1.25 abbe condenser iris diaphragm. The mechanical stage allows horizontal movement of the specimen in both X and Y directions in 0.1 mm graduations and features spring loading for exact positioning of the specimen.

    Due to a change by the manufacturer, fluorescent light sources have been phased out and now all 3000F models feature LED light sources. Models ending in LED are corded models and those ending in RC are cordless rechargeable and include an AC adapter. Replacement bulbs are available for LED models and previous models; please note that if you purchased your LED model after 9/09 it is probably the snap-in type (but check your existing bulb assembly to make sure). These models have a limited 5-year warranty.

    If you're not sure which microscope best fits your needs, check out our Microscope Comparison Sheet for a side-by-side comparison of all microscope models we offer.

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    Item # 010034
    Grades: 7-AD
    Retail: $222.53
    Our Price: $188.50
    Item # 044840
    Grades: 7-AD
    Retail: $232.82
    Our Price: $196.75
    Item # 010035
    Grades: 7-AD
    Retail: $308.55
    Our Price: $249.95
    Item # 044839
    Grades: 7-AD
    Retail: $318.84
    Our Price: $257.95
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