Label/Name Tags

Are you one of those people who remember everyone's name? I'm not and I always appreciate the reminder of a nametag. Useful for church or school gatherings or anywhere you are making new friends. Think of the new people, like the spouses at a class reunion or the new family at a neighborhood party, who have to work to remember all the names!

So many uses for these darling stickers beyond name tags too: on folders and notebooks, identify each child's materials with their own pattern, label toy bins or math manipulatives, put them on your games or any item you lend out like your dishes for a pot luck, liven up a yard sale and use them for price tags, and more.

Boho birds show a simplistic red/turquoise bird on a branch on white, Calypso Dots have a multi-color polka dot border on white, Calypso Stripes have a multi-color band of vertical stripes across the top on white, Funky Frogs shows a green cartoon frog against a blue sky, Hot Air Balloons show 2 with a large white cloud and blue sky, Owls are 4 adorable colorful owls across the bottom with a green owl border, Racing shows a road around the border and a red race car on white background, Rainbow (kid drawn) has a colorful scribbled border on white, Stylin' Stripes has a cool border of black and bright stripes and polka dots with a white middle, and Sun 'n Rainbow shows a smiley sun over a rainbow arc with a white cloud on a blue sky. ~Sara

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