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Each of these beautifully-illustrated books introduces even the very youngest students to the basic characteristics of each group of animals. Each book focuses only on one major animal group, and does so by using a large variety of types of animals in each book, reinforcing that they all share some of the same traits. Each two-page spread features a line of simple text on the left-hand page, and a gorgeous, detailed, full-page illustration of an animal demonstrating that characteristic on the right-hand page. For instance, in About Reptiles, the phrase "reptiles need warm temperatures" is paired with an illustration of a collared lizard, sunning itself on a rock. And as they read about how reptiles hatch from eggs, they can enjoy the picture of baby alligators hatching out of eggs. All illustrated animal examples include the name of the species as well, so you can tell the kids exactly what kind of snake, bird, or bug they're looking at! Altogether, these are beautiful books, and the result of a very talented husband-and-wife author-illustrator team. They're a great introduction to the different classes of animals and the characteristics that set them apart - something I've yet to see tackled as well in any other series targeted at children this young. - Jess

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