Take a Walk Series

Ever feel like when you take a nature walk, you can't identify anything? Even though it wouldn't be feasible to memorize a whole field guide, you can prepare for viewing many of the most common plants, animals and insects you'll encounter! Take a Walk Books each focus on a different group of plants, animals, or a habitat, introducing the reader to "the basics" of each group to help them come away from nature with more "I saw that!" than "what was that?" They are are divided into "Get Ready," "Get Set," and "Go!" sections. "Get Ready" introduces readers to the topic and gets them excited about it. "Get Set" takes the opportunity to give readers more detail on a few of the things they might see on their walk. In "Butterflies and Dragonflies," this section gets into the anatomy of butterflies and dragonflies, the differences between butterflies and moths and dragonflies and damselflies, life cycles of the two, butterfly migrations and butterflies with special characteristics. Then, you're ready to launch in the "Go!" section. These pages beg to be taken along on your walk and include room for field notes, suggestions for locating wildlife, identification aids, space for observation or identification notes and more. Along the way, the margins are full of interesting facts, contributions from children about nature, and activity suggestions. Exciting and fun to visually "wander through'" the books are full-color and vibrantly illustrated with photos, diagrams, and illustrations. All set? Now let's go!

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