Handbook of Nature Study

On a warm spring morning I dawdle here and there along the path toward the one-room schoolhouse, watching the birds feed their little ones, finding different kinds of wildflowers, viewing a battle between two beetles. Here's a plant I've never noticed before. I'll show it to Mrs. Brown - she'll know what it is... Such are the images that come to mind as I browse through this book. The late Anna Comstock, a professor of nature study at Cornell University, wrote in such a charming, descriptive manner that it is easy to visualize such things as a bumblebee gathering nectar or a raccoon settling on a branch for an afternoon nap. This 887-page volume, originally published in 1911 (updated in 1939), was designed for use by elementary school teachers with little knowledge of nature. Engaging background information is provided, and 232 lesson plans are supplied. Lesson plans are structured with a leading thought followed by a method to demonstrate the leading thought. Several discussion questions follow, generally based on observations made. (Note: lesson plans will be somewhat difficult to implement in urban surroundings). Subjects covered include the teaching of nature study, animals, plants, and earth and sky. Black and white photographs and drawings are abundant. Use as a stand-alone science course, or as a reference. Whether you live in the city or country, this book will open your eyes to the world around you. Our HANDPK below includes an 8 1/2½ x 11" horizontal format Notesketch pad (see Art section) that will be excellent for your nature observations and sketches.

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